Sunday, March 27, 2016


Quite often I receive e-mails inquiring about the tutoring options I offer for both the UBE and the Florida Bar Exam. I thought it might be helpful to also provide some information here on the blog for those considering seeking assistance with their preparation for the exam. I tutor essay writing and the MBE.

The MBE tutoring consists of assigning a subject to review throughout a week's time. The lesson provides you the opportunity to thoroughly review with me the substantive law on that subject. The bulk of the lesson consists of reviewing practice questions I've assigned prior to the lesson in the subject for that week, focusing on the questions that were answered incorrectly.

There are two purposes to the MBE tutoring. The first is to look specifically at the questions I've assigned that were answered incorrectly to determine where you can improve in in the analysis of the facts, and to develop strategies for effectively answering questions correctly. The second purpose is to fully understand the general principle (legal rule) that the question was testing so that you can then apply that principle to future questions. The lessons are geared towards two essential skills needed to do well on the MBE: achieving a deep knowledge of the substantive law, and learning the strategies that will allow you to apply that law to the types of questions asked in each area.

For those seeking assistance with the essays, the focus is on learning the law, and learning how to apply the law to the types of essay questions likely to show up on the exam. I assign essays to work on, which are then e-mailed back to me, and we review them in detail throughout the lessons. We work together on maximizing the number of points you can score in any given essay through rigorous legal analysis, and I teach my theory on how best to IRAC in order maximize those points.

For those interested, I hope to help you to pass the exam!

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