Saturday, October 15, 2016

Property Owners’ Associations and Common Interest Ownership Communities

Changes are coming to the MBE in February 2017 in the subject of Real Property.  The only guidance we have is the update provided by the NCBE, though unfortunately it's quite vague.  From now till February, though, I intend to post information and links that might clarify the areas mentioned as updated Real Property content, though necessarily there is a bit of guesswork that goes into trying to determine what exactly might be tested.

One such update states that the test will now include questions on property owners associations and common interest ownership communities.  Questions on the topic of common interest ownership communities may likely test the differences between condominiums and cooperatives, and some helpful information regarding this distinction can be found @

Regarding property owners' associations, an excellent link explaining the basics of homeowners' associations can be found @

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