Friday, April 28, 2017

A Few Thoughts:

As difficult as it is studying for a bar exam, the formula for passing isn't that complex. There are two components needed: you need to know the law, and you need to be skilled at applying the law that you know. The biggest mistake people make is to dedicate too much time to one component at the expense of the other. 
If you were learning how to play chess it wouldn't be enough to know the rules of the game. But many people go into the exam having spent too much time learning the rules and not enough time practicing how to play. But then it comes time to play the game. And you need to be really good at it. Not an expert, but really good. You're just not going to be very good at playing the game unless you've practiced how to play it by working through enough MBE questions, essays, etc.
And yet if all you've done is practice but have never taken the time to adequately learn the rules, your skills may be top-notch but you won't be able to use those skills to apply the correct law on the exam. 
Remember the two components: know the law, and know how to apply it. Nothing here is meant to imply that getting good at this game is easy. But approaching it with the correct strategy makes it far more likely you'll achieve the level required to pass!

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