Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bar Exam Tutoring

It seems to me that students are beginning earlier than ever in their preparation for the bar exam. I've said for quite some time that the longer one prepares, the less stressful the process. The bar exam is difficult for a variety of reasons but it is my opinion that what makes it especially difficult is the amount of material required relative to the amount of time that one generally has to learn that material. Increase your preparation time and the task becomes less daunting; when the task becomes less daunting the chances of passing the exam increase. You can very much set yourself up for success on the exam by approaching it in the correct way.

I'm often asked what options I offer to students who are interested in receiving personalized assistance with their preparation for the exam.   This too has become more common; about a decade ago it was relatively rare to prepare in any way other than with the traditional method of taking a large bar-review class. 

For sure, one-on-one tutoring provides very specific benefits and does not entirely supplement all that one receives in a full bar-review course. But it can certainly complement it, and it has the potential to provide for very quick and effective progress since weaknesses can quickly be targeted and improved upon.  People are now approaching the bar exam as they approached other tests they've been required to take such as the LSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.  

I offer quite a few different options for students who are interested in working with a bar exam tutor. When students e-mail me I provide them with some initial information and then  if interested in learning more, we chat on the phone so that I can describe the tutoring in even more detail and so that I can answer any questions that you have about the process.

Feel free to reach out to to learn more about the tutoring options!

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