Monday, April 22, 2013

A Study Tip

I received an e-mail from a student who had struggled quite a bit with the bar exam, but overcame the hurdle in February. I hope it serves to let others know that much of success on the test is simply studying correctly. Hard work, and perseverance will pay off.

Within the e-mail was the following line:

What helped me the most was doing the actual questions myself and then going over the wrong ones with you individually - with emphasis on why I picked the choice I picked and more importantly why the correct answer was the correct answer.

Whether you choose private tutoring, studying on your own, or taking a bar review course, do not neglect this important advice: Treat each question as a tool for teaching you a rule of law that you can apply to future questions. When studying for the exam, getting a question wrong and then understanding why you got it wrong, is far more beneficial than getting it right, with a vague knowledge as to why you were correct.

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