Sunday, October 4, 2015

More Changes to the MBE

Though these newest changes will not affect anyone planning to take the exam in February or July of 2016, the NCBE has announced changes to the subject of Real Property that will take effect in February of 2017. From the NCBE:

"Effective with the February 2017 administration, there will be changes to the Real Property scope of coverage for the MBE and the MEE. The Real Property topics will be slightly reordered and revised.

New topics will include conflicts of law (I.D.4.); property owners’ associations and common interest ownership communities (II.A.6.); drafting, review, and negotiation of closing documents (V.B.3.); and persons authorized to execute real estate documents (V.B.4.).

Minor modifications will include providing specific examples of rules affecting future interests (I.A.2.e.); including security deposits in termination of tenancies (I.C.4.); providing more detailed zoning topics (II.D.1.–3.); and including as separate topics transfers of restrictive covenants (II.A.4.), transfers of easements, profits, and licenses (II.B.4.), and acceleration of loans before foreclosure (IV.E.2.).

Note that the Real Property topics will no longer include (1) application of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code to fixtures (previously included in II.C.) or (2) abatement of devises (previously V.C.5."

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