Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MBE Fast Fact: The Right to a Speedy Trial

Though not tested all that frequently in Criminal Procedure questions, the right to a speedy trial is tested enough that I recommend knowing a couple of key points here. This right attaches once a person has been formally accused of a crime by the government. If the right is violated, the result will be a complete dismissal of the charges against the accused. There is a balancing test that courts use to determine whether the right has been violated. Consider the following factors in any question testing the right to a speedy trial:

--The length of the delay
--The reason for the delay
--The defendant's assertion of his or her right to a speedy trial
--The prejudice to the defendant resulting from the delay.

Regarding that last factor, there are quite a few ways that defendant might be prejudiced by the delay.  Perhaps evidence is lost and the loss is caused by the delay. In addition, an undue delay might cause witnesses to be less able to recollect facts that will form the basis of testimony.  Even excess anxiety caused to the defendant resulting from the delay will suffice.

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