Thursday, June 1, 2017

Working Through Practice Questions

Probably the advice that I give most often to students is that when an MBE question is answered incorrectly, note the specific rule that the question was testing.  And by note I mean write it down somewhere and divide these rules by subject.  So, for example, all Property rules together, all Contracts rules together, etc.

Another way to think about this is that each question is designed to test an abstract legal concept. The MBE tests abstract legal concepts through the use of concrete fact patterns.  The fact patterns will always change but the abstract concepts will remain the same.

And so the goal is to fully understand the abstract concept that was tested in any given question.  If you answered a question incorrectly and you did so because you did not fully understand the concept that was tested in that question then the next time that concept is tested in a new fact pattern it's likely you'll answer it incorrectly again.

Essentially, learning the concept provides you with the foundation to answer correctly future questions testing that concept regardless of whatever facts are provided in a given question.

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